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#Research Project NamePrincipal ResearcherCentreDept
1(not set)Shadrack KibonaCoSSST
2(not set)Faraja MakwinjaCoAFAEA
3(not set)Clarence MginaCoNASCH
4(not set)Bernadeta RushahuSoEDEPCSS
5(not set)Chacha NyamkindaCoNASZLW
6(not set)Benjamin MbughiSoEDEPCSS
7(not set)Gasper BaltazaryCoSSST
8(not set)Gasper BaltazaryCoSSST
9(not set)Juma LungoCoICTCSE
10(not set)Juma LungoCoICTCSE
11(not set)Ngesa MushiCoETMIE
12(not set)Katherine FulgenceDUCEEFMLD
13(not set)Michael KaraniCoHUCCS
14 COV-TALK: A Comparative Analysis of the Discourse on Covid 19 and its Vaccine Among the Rural and Urban Communities in Mwanza and Kagera, TanzaniaRespicius DamianCoSSPSA
15 Eliminating Barriers to Women's Participation in Science: A Study of the African Research Universities AllianceRosemarie MwaipopoCoSSSO
16A Comparative Study of the Use of Design Thinking and Play-Based Teaching Approaches on Raising Holistic Learning Outcomes at Primary School Level In TanzaniaVendelin SimonCoSSSO
17African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) ProjectHannibal BwireCoETTGE
18Alternative energy for sustainable development, environmental protection and reduction of poverty in Tanzania (ESEPRIT)Abraham TemuCoETCME
19An Exploration of Researchers Capacity and Research Environment in Tanzania (2016-2017)Eugenia KafanaboSoED-
20An Investigation of the Jurassic Source Rocks and Their Basement Rocks for an Assessment of a Petroleum System in the South Western TanzaniaEmmanuel KazimotoCoNASGY