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#Research Project NamePrincipal InvestigatorCentreDept
1African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) ProjectHannibal BwireCoETTGE
2Alternative energy for sustainable development, environmental protection and reduction of poverty in Tanzania (ESEPRIT)Abraham TemuCoETCME
3An Exploration of Researchers Capacity and Research Environment in Tanzania (2016-2017)Unknown UnknownSoED-
4An Investigation of the Jurassic Source Rocks and Their Basement Rocks for an Assessment of a Petroleum System in the South Western TanzaniaEmmanuel KazimotoCoNASGY
5Assessment of hydrology, water quality and their social economy consequences under changing environment in Malawi, Tanzania and ZimbabweSamwel ManyeleCoETCME
6Capacity Building in Petroleum Sciences and Engineering (EnPe II)Ambrose ItikaCoETCME
7Capacity Building in the departments of CPE (Now CME) and DPE (Now MIE)Noel NalitolelaCoETMIE
8Capacity building in the departments of CPE (Now CME) and DPE (Now MIE) to support growth and value addition in the Manufacturing, Food and Agro processing industries in Tanzania. CIA:8.a.2Samwel ManyeleCoETCME
9Capacity building in transportation systems and related infrastructure (World Bank Project)Hannibal BwireCoETTGE
10Capacity in the Department of Water Resources EngineeringDeogratias MulunguCoETWRE
11Climate Resilience of Rice and Maize in the Rufiji Basin, Tanzania Pius YandaIRA-
12Climate-livelihood-agroecosystem Interactions and the Transformation of Rural Societies in East Africa - Tanzania (clarea - Tanzania)Amos MajuleIRA-
13Enriching Engineering Education in Sub Saharan Africa (Phrase one)Bavo NyichombaCoETMIE
14Environmental flows for people and ecosystems in the Mara River Basin (MaraFlows)Preksedis NDOMBACoETWRE
15Fighting Money Laundering Through Criminal Prosecution: a Critical Analysis of Law and Practice in TanzaniaSosteness MateruUDSoL-
16Girls mentoring clubs in Milola Emiliana MwitaDUCEGE
17Hadzabe Culture: Documentation and OnomasticsAmani LusekeloDUCE-
18ICT ProtectionMighanda ManyahiCoETEE
19Impacts of climate change on water resources and agriculture - and adaptation Strategies in Tanzania (CLIVET) in Three (3) Work Packages (WP)Joel NobertCoETWRE
20Integrating Constructed Wetlands Technology with Agriculture and Agro-ProcessingJamidu KatimaCoETCME