Online Application Guidelines

The "Consultancy Projects Registration System (conris)" holds Consultancy projects management information conducted by University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Consultants.

A. What the System Does

  1. It allows UDSM Consultants to undergo Online Project Registration process.

  2. It enables UDSM Consultants to update progress of their registered projects for management purposes.

  3. It enables Management to keep track of progress of registered projects.

  4. It enables Management to generate various reports.

B. Login into the system

  1. Login with your "Username" and "Password". For the first-timer (and if one has not change the login credentials) Use your first-name initial and your surname as your username.
    E.g. if your first-name is Juma, and Surname is Samson, then the username is jsamson. You may later change your username by editing your user profile.

  2. You may reset a forgotten password by clicking the link "If you forgot your password you can reset it." which is found on the login page, then you have to supply the email which we used when creating the account (or entered when editing your user profile). The email message will be sent by the system which will contain the link that will enable you to enter new password.

C. How to Register Consultancy Project

  1. One can register a project after successful login into the system. In that state, one will be able to view extra tab in the top menu named "Consultancies". To register a project click "Consultancies" drop-down menu and select "Consultancy Projects".

    Under "My Consultancy Projects" click "Register New Project" to open the form that will allow you to enter project information.

  2. One has to note that, the system adopted the approved current process of registering Consultancy Projects at the University of Dar es Salaam, that means, after Lead Consultant filling the initial form when registering your project, the form will be endorsed by Head of Department, and Approved by Principal / Director of the hosting Center in that order; then after that process the office of Co-ordinator University Consultancy Bureau after making sure all the necessary documents have been supplied, will allow the system to supply the Registration Number.

D. Other Information

Under "My Consultancy Projects" in the "Actions" column; the "View" option will show some other options that can be done on the individual project depending on the status and user's role.

Those options are:

  1. Update
  2. Delete
  3. Go-next
  4. View Registration Certificate
  5. Finalize this Project
  6. View Completion Certificate